Our writers

Charlie Dickinson

Charlie is from the UK, and has a particular burden to bring hermeneutical awareness to those within the church. He feels that too often churches are let down by leadership who perpetuate a culture of ‘eternal Sunday school.’ Charlie has a keen eye for identifying both the roots of this problem and the necessary steps to tackle it. If you wish to contact Charlie, messages sent through our Contact page will be relayed to him.


None of us have 100% perfected the art of interpretation. However, that should not stop us from constantly striving to improve our hermeneutics. It is in this spirit that we actively encourage contributions from guest interpreters. Each has previously demonstrated hermeneutical skill, but may operate from differing theological perspectives than other writers on Karpophoreo.

It should be understood that all articles are the views and responsibility of their authors alone. Any queries should first be directed to the individual author concerned, who can be reached via ourĀ Contact page. May all our articles be measured against Scripture alone.