The following links are to the websites of friends, ministries, and other organisations we like:


King’s Evangelical Divinity School is a non-denominational Higher Education institution offering theological studies by online distance learning. King’s specialises in Hermeneutics (biblical interpretation), and offers B.Th., Graduate Diploma and M.A. (Theology) degree programmes validated by the University of Chester in the United Kingdom.

Pat & Cindy Hughes are a missionary couple doing fine work in Wrocław, Poland. They would be grateful for your support.

Barnabas Fund supports persecuted Christians around the world.

Synergy Christian Trust is the ministry of Trevor Ranger, bringing the gospel to young children in the UK.

Per Grazia is the blog of Vincenzo & Manuela Russo (for those who speak Italian!).







It should be understood that we at Karpophoreo do not necessarily endorse all the content of these ministries. May all content be measured against Scripture alone.